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 T afsirgaran system company from its first year of foundation has started computer serving & supporting in different centers & has been the source of positive & variable services in this field. Plenty of these customers that had contract with this company in spite of having a lot of informatics problems had chosen this company as their only choice for solving their problems. Establishment of web base system to record stages of maintenance from customer request to solving problem in order to gain a statement & programming management which is one of innovation of this company in this field.


If the fast presence of our experts in your company after your first call is not the most important item in our service, it would be one of the most important part of it. Tafsirgaran Company is guaranteeing sending its experts to your company in less than 24 hour.

University Studies in Computer Science and passing MCSE courses are terms of our specialists in customers’ service section. In addition To Intelligence mutual trust and friendly treatment are our main policy.

Receiving Faxes in special forms or receiving email by filling in problem announcement forms are writhen ways of getting in touch with customers.


Recording of the services which have done on systems as history and using them in further appearances is another company’s innovative idea.
Forming ID cards for systems and peripherals and entering the state of the device in history part of the ID card for future analysis and choosing a good strategy.

The contemporary software and the experience of our specialists for guidance of users in optimization use of their systems in the cause of better efficiency   for the companies that house contract with us formative of collectively classes with presence of the company s personal which is an important step toward promotion of informatics level in the course of time reduces the need of physical presence.

Recording hardware/software services, systems identity papers and users identification in data bases help as for preparing further statements.

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