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Messenger Systems

 M essenger systems are attractive tools for the users to get informed of devices status. Any point which equipped with telecommunication access or data networks can be a point where messenger come to action. Tafsirgaran System Company by developing these techniques since year 2000 started to work on SMS, IVR, Pager, Email (SMTP) and sending Trap, and till now all of these techniques is produced in software packages.


Sending Email Messages to the specification addresses is another real time way of being in touch with the devices.


Undoubtedly one of the most festinating information way is sending SMS via cell phones, which is a fast & real time way of sending information about the status of the devices.


Playing warning Alerts for each event is another feature which is available for the users.

Another available device is pager. This service can send messages through a telephone line by having access to a modem and inform you about your devices status or peripherals.

Contacting to the destination system by the system is an useful tool in remote management.

SNMP Protocol is a convenient way for monitoring peripherals and devices in a network. The software has the ability to send an SNMP Trap unless the hardware has the capability.

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