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Compatibility with all kinds of ordinary modems V92, V90 and Dialogic cards.
Accuracy received tones recognition.
Complete Date and time declaration related to the desired information.
Intelligent welcome with attention to the this of the day, for example: Good morning at the beginning of the day.
Complete declaration of national or religious days.
Support capability up to 8 telephone lines
Registration of traveled path on speaking system tree in a log file.
Automatic Disconnection unless someone speaking for a long time for convenience of other customers.
Declaration of digits and number in a counting form.
Using Suitable sonic files for reloading on telephone line.
Allocating extra time to the customer for hearing to the diary of the institute.
Time limitation is also possible for customers.
Equipped with daily calls counter.
Suitable reaction while an error recognized in information entries or users mistakes.
Showing the caller ID or any additional information
Showing the program icon in system tray for recognition of the programs preset state.
User Creation with different privilege.
Changing your password through the phone.
sending Fax, Email & SMS to the User.
Running on Different versions of Windows.
Running Concurrent Programs beside the Speaking systems program.


 F rom the Customer Point of view, receiving the information through a speaking system which designed correctly would be a better choice than physical presence. On the other hand from the manager of company point of view for the reason that man could get exhausted or make mistakes, using a correct speaking mechanism is preferred.



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