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Controlling Systems

 S ending command to the systems or other equipments is managers' desirable facility.
After getting informed of the equipments state, determination and exertion, it is senior managers and supervisors' expectation.
Sending remote commands mainly use for start or terminate tasks, change or adjust the equipments or test the devices.
It is obvious that these commands uses to keep you informed of your devices health.
By sending SMS via cell phones or sending telecommunication tones via telephone or by using a computer that has an access to the internet and web browser and devices that equipped with SNMP service in a local network, you can easily send a controlling command.


Controlling the devices by using telephone or cell phone with the
capability of connecting to communicative systems is now possible.
This technique uses telecommunication tones for its services.

SNMP protocol can be used as an useful tool for sending commands.
This tool used in LAN or the internet.


By the vast development of the internet, using this capability is turned into the easiest and the most reliable way of controlling.
Tafsirgaran System company uses the web browsers options in his project.

You can send your commands by Sending an SMS to every point of the
world and anytime of the day. This technique is one of the easiest ways of device controlling system.

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